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Steps to Good business website design

Steps to Good business website design company in nigeria

Steps to Good business website design

Your Website needs to look professional and trustworthy in order to create buyer confidence. A poorly designed Website will cost you business. These days, that can’t be tolerated


So where do you need to start ?

1. Choose a Domain Name.

A domain name is the web address of your website (i.e. All websites must have a domain name before they can go live on the Internet.

If you have an advertising budget to promote your business, then it is beneficial to choose a domain name that is the same as your business or gives people an idea of what you sell.  Alternatively, if you do not have a large budget, it may be more beneficial to use a domain name that includes a ‘keyword’ so that when people search for something specific your site has a better chance of being found.

For example if your site is about relieving back pain, a domain such as ‘’ will be more likely to show up in searches.

Either way, you need to use a name that benefits your long-term business aims, and not something that is restrictive. E.g. ‘’, might be a clever name for a business that sells exclusive shoes. But if that business then diversifies into other products, the website name is no use anymore. Need help choosing a domain name check

 2. Design Your Home Page.

The Home Page is probably the most important page. It’s the first page your visitors will see, so you need to make a good impression. On this page, you should communicate who you are and why you have a website. You want to make sure that your message is clear and not lost in long paragraphs. Try to divide your text into sections that you can mark with headers in a larger font or using bold text. Don’t underline text as this can make it look like a link.

One of the most important aspects of the text on your home page is the “Call to Action”.

“Call to Action” is the text that tells your visitors what you want them to do next. Do you want them to call and schedule a consultation, visit your shop, or just browse the other pages in your website? Make this command prominent by changing its color or increasing the font size.

Also consider uploading an image or two onto your Home Page. A colorful image will help to captivate your visitors and they will be more likely to continue browsing your site.

You need a simple Home Page that clearly communicates your website’s purpose and goals.

3. Design Your About Us Page.

The About Us page of your website should be used to reveal a little more about yourself or your business. Consider any additional details that might be important to your customers.

You should also consider having a Map of where you are located. Having a Map on your About Us page creates a very professional feel for your website and makes your small business look big.

If you do not operate out of a physical location, think about other things that your customers would find interesting about your business. Perhaps you have an exciting company background that you could share or more details regarding the services you offer.

Whatever you decide to write, remember to keep the text in short paragraphs.  (General Rules of Creating a Top Notch Business Website design)    See Sample About Us page


4. Design Your Contact Us Page.

You are now getting very close to having designed a good 3-page site. The last element that all websites should have is a Contact Us page.

Include the best way to contact you directly on this page. Make your phone number or email address prominent on the page, perhaps with different font styles.

Make sure to keep this page simple though, as you don’t want your customers to get distracted by other content. Ensure each page in your site has something valuable to offer. Don’t design ‘Pretty, But Useless’. Let’s step back and realise that a web page exists to provide something that’s useful or interesting to visitors. If your page doesn’t have that, then you must fix that problem before you worry about how to present it.

What are you offering to your visitors? Why is it worth their time to visit your site? Focus on that before you move on to how it should look.  (General Rules of Creating a Top Notch Business Website Design)

See Sample Contact Us page


5.Keep Advertising Ratio 25% or Less

Amazingly, I see some sites that are almost nothing but ads. We know that no one would turn on the telly if it were just adverts, or buy a magazine if it were just ads and no articles. By the same token, a website also has to have more than ads if it’s to be successful. If you are running ads on your website, then you should ensure that the ratio to editorial is no more than 25% to 75%. Your visitors came to your site to see what YOU had to offer.

If you have affiliations and partnerships that are relevant to your site, then by all means include them. Don’t do what I saw recently on a website for a large fabric retailer where the web designer had put her friend’s Aromatherapy Massage practice in as a link. It’s not professional.

6. Don’t Distract With Blinking/Scrolling Text Or Auto Play Video/Audio.

Animation and sounds are distracting. How can anyone concentrate on reading what’s on your site when there are things flying around the page? It’s like trying to read a newspaper when someone’s poking you in the shoulder repeatedly.

Scrolling text does nothing to serve the visitor. If it’s on a site it’s because the site owner thought, “Let me show how cool I am.” Don’t design the site for yourself, design it for the people who will actually use it.

If you have relevant audio or video on your site, make it so the visitor can play it when THEY want, not at start up.

7. Don’t Use Image Backgrounds.

Full Image backgrounds mean “amateur”. A site like this can also have extremely slow page-loading times. This is NOT a professional image, and will turn visitors away. (Rule 3 to Creating a Top Notch Business Website Design)

8. Put Thought Into Organization.

Think about what content you have and how it should be organized. This is just as important as what your site looks like, so spend time on it. You are not doing your visitors a favour if everything is thrown up higgledy-piggedly, and they have to leap about the site looking for what they want instead of being informed.

9. Minimize Clicking!

This is so important. Put as few clicks between the visitor and the information as possible. Clicking around will make the visitor abandon the site and go elsewhere

10. Limit Page Length To 2 Screens.

This is where it gets a bit difficult. While you should put a lot into the design to limit clicking, you should also avoid going too far in the opposite direction by putting too much on one page.

You should normally limit a page to 2 screens. Articles by their nature, like this, are exceptions to that rule.

11. Include a Navigation Menu on Every Page.

Always include a menu on the page. This allows the visitor to start all over again at ‘Home’, or to click on another page that interests them.

Don’t put navigation links only at the bottom of pages, because then users will have to scroll down to the bottom to get to them (unless your pages are very short). (Rule 4 to Creating a Top Notch Business Website Design)

12. Website Readability.

A line of text should be no more than about 600 pixels wide. What does THAT mean ? It means your website pages should be no wider than the middle 66% of your screen. The reason that newspapers and magazines are printed in columns is to make the lines short, so after you read one line, it’s easy to find the start of next one when your eyes flick left.

The problem with wide layout is that the content will be too wide to read easily for those visitors with really large screens as the content expands to fit the screen (or window).

13. Use Contrasting Colours with Text.  It is hard to read light text if it is on a light background, or dark text on a dark background.

There are also some combinations that just don’t work. For example I came across a website just yesterday that insisted I try to read a bright green font on a bright red background. I persisted only because the company owner was seeking my advice and help.

14. Seek Advice.

If all this seems too much to take in, remember you can always call in the professionals. A good designer will take all of the above into account, and much more if he or she is considering the area of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website. He wants it to work for you. There are many companies around who will do all the above and much more;  Contact me if you need help.


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Online Advertising in Nigeria

Online Advertising in Nigeria

One of the best channels for promoting brands, products and businesses is Internet advertising and it has evolved into one of the most explored new mediums available today.

The popularity of the Internet as a new media channel has exploded in recent years, attributed mostly to faster, more reliable and more affordable broadband connections. More and more advertisers are shifting from traditional advertising channels and going online in order to maximize audience exposure and capture a bigger share of this growing market.

In economies such as Nigeria which are not regulated or dominated by monopolies, the market is open to fierce competition among several players who would use all the latest advertising tools available and have whatever advantage they can get over their competitors. However, conventional tri-media advertising channels are expensive and affordable only to large corporations.

Internet advertising provides a versatile, effective and more affordable advertising medium that many businesses in Nigeria can utilize.

In the Nigerian landscape, marketers and their clients are becoming aware of the need and underlying effects of online marketing, the trend has started to build where agencies ignorantly advise clients to use banner ads and display ads for campaign on facebookyahoo, local news and entertainment sites, as opposed to looking critically at what the clients want to achieve and advising them on all the various digital marketing platforms available and what each of them can achieve and how to use them.


Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers.

Various types of Advertising

Large majority of online advertising has a cost that is brought about by usage or interaction of an ad,

  • Floating ad: An ad which moves across the user’s screen or floats above the content.
  • Expanding ad: An ad which changes size and which may alter the contents of the webpage.
  • Polite ad: A method by which a large ad will be downloaded in smaller pieces to minimize the disruption of the content being viewed
  • Wallpaper ad: An ad which changes the background of the page being viewed.
  • Trick banner: A banner ad that looks like a dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error message or an alert.
  • Pop-up: A new window which opens in front of the current one, displaying an advertisement, or entire webpage.
  • Pop-under: Similar to a Pop-Up except that the window is loaded or sent behind the current window so that the user does not see it until they close one or more active windows.
  • Video ad: similar to a banner ad, except that instead of a static or animated image, actual moving video clips are displayed. This is the kind of advertising most prominent in television, and many advertisers will use the same clips for both television and online advertising.
  • Map ad: text or graphics linked from, and appearing in or over, a location on an electronic map such as on Google Maps.
  • Mobile ad: an SMS text or multi-media message sent to a cell phone.
  • Interstitial ad: a full-page ad that appears before a user reaches their original destination.


E-mail advertising

Legitimate Email advertising or E-mail marketing is often known as “opt-in e-mail advertising” or permission marketing to distinguish it from spam.


Display advertising

Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms, including web banners. These banners can consist of static or animated images, as well as interactive media that may include audio and video elements. Display advertising on the Internet is widely used for branding. This is why metrics like interaction time are becoming more relevant. Display advertisers use cookie and browser history to determine demographics and interests of users and target appropriate ads to those browsers. Banner ad standards have changed over the years to larger sizes, in part due to increased resolution of standard monitors and browsers, in part to provide advertisers with more impact for their investment. The standards continue to evolve. Banner ads can be targeted to internet users in many different ways in order to reach the advertiser’s most relevant audience. Behavioral retargeting, demographic targeting, geographic targeting, and site based targeting are all common ways in which advertisers choose to target their banner ads.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising where advertisers place campaigns with a potentially large number of small (and large) publishers, who are only paid media fees when traffic to the advertiser is garnered, and usually upon a specific measurable campaign result (a form, a sale, a sign-up, etc.).

Behavioral targeting

In addition to contextual targeting, online advertising can be targeted based on a user’s online behavior. This practice is known as behavioral targeting. For example, if a user is known to have recently visited a number of automotive shopping / comparison sites based on clickstream analysis enabled by cookies stored on the user’s computer, that user can then be served auto-related ads when they visit other, non-automotive sites.

Semantic advertising

Semantic advertising applies semantic analysis techniques to web pages. The process is meant to accurately interpret and classify the meaning and/or main subject of the page and then populate it with targeted advertising spots. By closely linking content to advertising, it is assumed that the viewer will be more likely to show an interest (i.e., through engagement) in the advertised product or service.

Social network advertising

Social network advertising is a form of Online advertising that focuses on social networking sites. Advertising on social media networks can take the form of direct display ad buys at the social networks, self-serve advertising through internal ad networks, and ad serving on social network applications through special social network application advertising networks.[25]

As is evident from these methods highlighted, the field of advertising has, and continues to evolve; reaching the masses in ways that were perceived to be unimaginable a decade ago. All thanks to huge developments and innovations in the field of technology, advertising is now present almost everywhere we go, in almost every form we can imagine. You still doubt this? Well just look around you!

If you are thinking of using any of the above advertising strategy to promote your product and services in Nigeria, we can help you identify your market and reach them.  We can do same for you at very affordable price. Contact us today for your advertising campaign, good luck in your advertising campaign.

Why you need to buy Gigs from

why buy from us


Why you need to buy Gigs from

When we launched, we were asked this question. There is fiverr and other clone sites which are popular, then why would someone buy from

Most of the fiverr clone sites look similar but when we look at them closely there are some differences, has offer gigs, here we encourage sellers to post gigs with freebies, extras to provide more value or incentive to attract buyers.

The problem with fiverr and other fiverr clones is that sellers are forced to sell at low prices resulting with lot of scams and low quality work.
Here at nairaoffer we accept gigs of any value, so quality is not a issue. We manually check every gig and seller before accepting them in our site. Buyers can be assured that only quality gigs are sold on our site.

Our sellers are not forced to complete jobs in a hurry they are paid well for their time.

Buyers at nairaoffer get a quality gig with great offers. We tell our sellers not to compromise on quality. Buyers will still get gigs at low prices compared with other major freelance sites as this is the business model of micro jobs sites.

Let us take an example of creating a wordpress blog, here a freelancer will create a blog, change the header file for fraction of the cost that you have to pay to web design companies. We can conclude that buying quality services at bargain prices at is good for your bottom line.

an our payment solution is in Naira, That make it Flexible for every Nigerian and beyond to participate,
Eliminating the Fear and Unavailability of Paypal in Nigeria,

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Know how to Make Money Online Doing Odd “Virtual” Jobs

Know how to Make Money Online Doing Odd “Virtual” Jobs


Know how to Make Money Online Doing Odd “Virtual” Jobs

Know how to Make Money Online Doing Odd “Virtual” Jobs

Need Cash? Everybody can make money on NairaOffer’s!

You probably know that you can make money doing all sorts of odd jobs around town.  However, did you know that you could make money doing odd “virtual jobs” as well?  We’re not talking highly competitive auction sites, but with listing sites like NairaOffer’s.  Our website allows writers, virtual assistants, marketing experts and other jack-of-all-traders to make extra cash on slow days.


Jobs You Might Find When You Make Money Online

What are the types of jobs that you might find from an online listing site?  Many of the jobs you will find at such a site don’t involve actual products but include writing an article or blogging, link creating, web researching and other office type tasks.  What are some of the jobs you might encounter on any given day?  You might find offers like creating mailing lists, making scripts, getting facebook likes, twitter followers,  or perhaps various marketing opportunities.  There really are no limits on what type of odd jobs can be posted, provided the ads are in good taste.  Many individuals have found part time freelancing work by keeping an eye on these free listing sites.

how to make money onlineStart offering your services on NairaOffer’s and watch the money come in!

How to make money online

Make money online is all a matter of timing and communication, not necessarily credentials.  After all, there are people online willing to pay you via PayPal just to do some rather mundane tasks.  And while many of these opportunities involve virtual commuting, there are actually ways to make money online and get paid by doing other types of tasks, such as translating, offering advice, giving customized education, recording video or audio content and the like.

What You Need to Earn Money Online

These internet listing sites that offer a way to make easy income online are usually limited to selling N500 to 20k jobs, as they are not considered professional auction sites with long-term contracts and guarantees, and such.  Rather, these listing sites keep things simple so that people can pay quickly and receive services quickly.  What a great business model!

make easy money onlineOnline jobs are booming and on NairaOffer’s posting your offer is free!

If you are looking how to make money online in the off-season, in slow days, or even during an unemployment stint, then think about working these sites like our own  When actually go online and look at these sites, you will realize that making this was is easy!!  All you need are spelling and grammar skills, an online account for easy payment and the time to complete a user request.  It is important to communicate your qualifications and your willingness to complete the task to the seller.  If you don’t seem trustworthy, no one is going to pay you!  Inspire confidence by writing intelligently and professionally.

How to Make Money Online

You can use a site like our and either post what you are willing to do for a set price, or look through the suggested gigs and see what people are actually offering.  This does bring you the best of both worlds.  Why, some people have even worked together while communicating from two different continents!  This is a great opportunity to keep in mind if you’re strapped for cash or have a friend that needs to make money.

You now have all the information you need, why not give it a try for 2012?  You could make money on the internet, from the comfort of your own home as soon as tonight or tomorrow!


Create an Account Click here


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