Why you need to buy Gigs from Nairaoffer.com

why buy from us


Why you need to buy Gigs from Nairaoffer.com

When we launched nairaoffer.com, we were asked this question. There is fiverr and other clone sites which are popular, then why would someone buy from nairaoffer.com?

Most of the fiverr clone sites look similar but when we look at them closely there are some differences, nairaoffer.com has offer gigs, here we encourage sellers to post gigs with freebies, extras to provide more value or incentive to attract buyers.

The problem with fiverr and other fiverr clones is that sellers are forced to sell at low prices resulting with lot of scams and low quality work.
Here at nairaoffer we accept gigs of any value, so quality is not a issue. We manually check every gig and seller before accepting them in our site. Buyers can be assured that only quality gigs are sold on our site.

Our sellers are not forced to complete jobs in a hurry they are paid well for their time.

Buyers at nairaoffer get a quality gig with great offers. We tell our sellers not to compromise on quality. Buyers will still get gigs at low prices compared with other major freelance sites as this is the business model of micro jobs sites.

Let us take an example of creating a wordpress blog, here a freelancer will create a blog, change the header file for fraction of the cost that you have to pay to web design companies. We can conclude that buying quality services at bargain prices at nairaoffer.com is good for your bottom line.

an our payment solution is in Naira, That make it Flexible for every Nigerian and beyond to participate,
Eliminating the Fear and Unavailability of Paypal in Nigeria,

Now Nairaoffer!! nigeria best own fiverr like in Nigeria


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