List of Newspapers in Nigeria and Its benefit

Benefits associated with Analyzing Newspapers


Benefits of Reading Newspapers

Newspaper is called the store-house of knowledge. The advantages of reading through newspaper cannot be depicted in words. All civilized neighborhood has newspaper. It makes consumers knowledgeable about the most recent valuable information around the world. It brings the world to our door. It is a highly useful mass channel. It can influence a person’s thought more efficiently than any other media.
A newspaper contains news, point of views, opinions, advertisements, notices and also information of all sorts. Commodity prices, share market, reports, sports news, news update about films, fashions and entertainments are some its regular attributes. Newspapers have also columns for children and individuals and for the students’ preparation for examination. Hence readers get those news by reading newspaper.
By reading newspaper, we acquire all kinds of information from home and overseas. We can get news bulletin about the latest political movements and changes in the government. You will also know about the global politics and affairs going through the international page. Those who are the regular readers of the international webpage are very much knowledgeable about the geographical and political dealings of the world. A student can also be reaped the benefits from a newspaper. There are pages on educational background from which students can learn many things.
By going through the writing column, we can know about the analytic explanation of a thing or a matter. From the enterprise page, we can know about the economy of our region, business affairs of the country and many further statistical things. Sports page is a well known one to the sports loving reader. This page provides them with the most recent info of sports activities and games. Religion and religious analysis are even found in a newspaper.
Newspaper reading are able to widen the mental horizon of individuals. It develops our ideas, broadens our outlook, enriches our thought, gets rid of our narrowness, and purifies our belief. So, we should build up the habit of reading newspaper to expand our knowledge. A person who develops the habit of reading newspaper becomes an astonished person.


List of Newpapers in Nigeria


News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Daily Trust NewsPaper‎

Vanguard News – Latest updates from Nigeria, including business …‎
The Punch – Nigeria’s Most Widely Read Newspaper — Breaking …‎

The Sun News-
 Voice of The Nation‎

: Home‎
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